Thru-Hiker Shirt, XOSKIN Gear Review

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While thru-hiking on the Appalachian Trail this year, I was on the hunt for the perfect shirt.  The search has been ongoing for years and started on the PCT in 2017.  I have worn almost every kind of shirt there is to hike in from hiker box specials to expensive name branded shirts. There is no perfect piece of gear, but the XOSKIN 1.0 shirt came in way ahead of any other shirt I have hiked in.  In fact, I liked the shirt so much I became a brand ambassador.  Don't be misled. I love this shirt, and I would not recommend it if I did not.

RamboJuice on the Franconia ridgeline
RamboJuice on the Franconia ridgeline

I wore this shirt for over half of the AT this year.  This alone is a testament to how durable the shirt is, but it has many other attributes that make it worth the money.  My skin became much more healthy.  My shirt did not stink like my previous one.


I had never heard of this brand before until I ended up at Two Rivers Treads on the hunt for some new Altras.  Little did I know I stumbled across a great company at the forefront of athletic apparel.  XOSKIN  "products are exclusively manufactured and engineered in the United States of America. All parts of our process including research and development, design, third-party testing, fibers (USPTO Patented | EPO Patent Pending fibers) 3D seamless knitting, dyeing, cutting, sewing, photography, marketing, distribution and packaging all happen in the USA."  XOSKIN is used by ultramarathoners, runners, and many other serious athletes including thru-hikers.


I wore this shirt every day from Harpers Ferry to Katahdin, which is over half of the entire 2,200-mile trail.  Up to this point, I had gone through four other shirts.  Each other shirt began to pill and became threadbare at certain spots. Other shirts I have worn include Art'teryx Motus Hoodie, UnderArmor cool max, Sierra Designs, and SmartWool brands.  None of these shirts even came close to how the XOSKIN shirt faired.  As a thru-hiker shirt, it was put through the ringer.  I wrung out the shirt every day from sweat and water.  Washing the shirt was minimal, once a week most of the time.  I did not follow the directions with the shirt and dried it in all manners of half-broken dryers.  The shirt still feels great, fits great, and looks almost brand new.


Chafe was making my back and shoulders raw.  Occasionally I would even get the dreaded nipple chafe.  This shirt made that all go away.  My skin became much more healthy, and I never had to deal with it again.  If you get chafe, this shirt is for you.  XOSKIN makes shorts and socks too, so if you get chafe in other areas, you may want to check out their other products.  XOSKIN touts RAPIDriCOPPER in their products to keep your skin healthy, blister and chafe-free.


If you have hiked for long, you know that we usually only carry one or two shirts.  You also know how bad they begin to smell.  The XOSKIN shirt has copper in the material and makes a huge difference.  There is nothing on the planet that will stop you from stinking after spending seven days in the backcountry without a shower, but this shirt makes a huge difference in how bad you smell.  Every other shirt I have used on a long distance hike, I can still smell the stink on it no matter how many times I wash it.  The XOSKIN shirt is pretty amazing.  It does not stink at all.  I was amazed on the trail by how little it smelled.  At the end of the day, I would keep asking Stretch to smell my shirt because of how big of a difference it made.


This is the only fault I have found with this shirt.  First off it is quick dry, but it is also like a massive sponge.  The shirt wicks and absorbs water so well it tends to hold on to that moisture more than some of the lighter shirts I have worn.  It certainly dries faster than the Arc'teryx shirt I wore.  This slight fault is not a big deal.  It still dries very well.  I will also say that I probably sweat more than the average hiker.  The shirt has AirChannelDUCT, AirFlowSPHERES, and HVAC built into it to give you excellent ventilation and assist in keeping you cool.


I loved this shirt for the Appalachian Trail thru-hike.  If you are going to spend some money on a good shirt, you should check out this one.  It is built great, and it feels amazing on the skin.  It is very functional.  I can't emphasize enough how pleased I was with the performance of this shirt.  If you are interested in checking them out head to their website at

Check out our YouTube video on the comparison of the shirts here.

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