Pick the Best Long Distance Hiking Shoes for Thru-Hiking

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Your shoes are one of the most important pieces of gear you will use on a thru-hike.  One thing that always amazed people that we have talked with after our … Read More

Gear Review: PCT Sleep System

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We are writing this review on a sleep system.  All of this gear together will determine how comfortable you are while sleeping and, thus, how well you sleep.  The gear … Read More

Gear Review: Sawyer Squeeze On the PCT

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Long distance backpacking will inevitably involve water purification, this is where the Sawyer Squeeze comes in.  While there are many options available to having drinkable water Sawyer makes a great … Read More

Gear Review: Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor Backpack

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Sierra Designs put together a great backpack.  The Flex Capacitor offers comfort, ample space, and durability.   All packaged into a smart design with the assistance of well-known thru-hiker Andrew Skurka.  … Read More