Gear Review: Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor Backpack

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Sierra Designs put together a great backpack.  The Flex Capacitor offers comfort, ample space, and durability.   All packaged into a smart design with the assistance of well-known thru-hiker Andrew Skurka.  This pack is a great choice for a thru-hike because … Read More

Gear List for Long Distance Backpacking from our PCT Hike

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PCT Gear List A gear list for a long-distance hike is an important tool. Having the proper gear on a thru-hike can make or break your trip. For your first thru-hike attempt, it is really hard to decide what will … Read More

Desert Hiking Guide

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Desert Hiking is a challenge.  It is important to do everything that you can do to keep yourself safe.  Following these general tips will not only help keep you out of harm’s way but will also improve the quality of … Read More

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