Welcome to Hikerlore's wellness page!  My name is Stretch.  I'm an ACE-certified personal trainer and a registered yoga teacher.  Before I began thru-hiking, I worked for a gym teaching and training.  Among other things, this page is to help you train for a thru-hike.

The articles here are designed to help you physically and mentally.  Whether it be during your preparation for a thru-hike, or during your hike, or when you're back home recovering from your long walk.  Topics will include training, nutrition, recovery, mental health, and more.  Is there something you would like more information about?  Please leave us a comment.

I'm passionate about fitness.  I believe in the power of exercise to heal people mentally and physically.  Exercise is a gift.  No matter who you are, if you let it, it will serve you. When teaching and training others, I do my best to serve and heal people.  With this page, I hope to serve and help you on your hiking adventures.