Explore Bryce’s Hoodoos

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Explore Bryce

Driving into Bryce Canyon National Park all you see is a dense forest of pine trees lining the road; consequently, there is no indication that nearby sits a gigantic bowl of oddly-shaped orange and white rocks to explore.  The first glimpse of Bryce Canyon Amphitheater will take your breath away because this marvel is one of the world's most impressive collections of hoodoos.

Hoodoos are eroded pillars of mostly limestone that sometimes stand as tall as a 10-story building.  They are showcased in a natural amphitheater (not a true canyon) far below the Rim Trail and are formed through water erosion processes.  The Rim Trail is an easy mostly-paved viewpoint.  As a result, it is a good way to enjoy the spectacular view at your leisure.  However, explore the Navajo Loop and Queen's Garden trails to really experience this wondrous place up close.

Hike with Hoodoos

This hike will allow you to walk among the hoodoos, to look up at their amazing spires.  Moreover, you will be able to challenge your hiking ability.  You will wind down into the bowl through a series of switchbacks and explore little archways that are just tall enough for you to fit.  The colors here are perfectly contrasted with a fresh white snow.  You will be able to see unique geologic formations such as Thor's Hammer and Queen Victoria.  For a map and hiking details, click here.

Over many years, the drama unfolding here has left trees fighting to maintain their foothold in the rocky soil of the amphitheater.  You can see the roots of these trees splaying all over the rocks like octopus tentacles, trying to hang onto life.  You have never seen trees like this.  They are captivating.

Cleaning the mud from our hiking shoes, we prepare for hiking the Bright Angel trail, as we travel to Grand Canyon National Park read here.

Hiking Tips:

  • Proper footwear is essential.  This terrain can be steep and off-camber, so come prepared.
  • Be prepared for inclement weather.
  • For more information visit: https://www.nps.gov/brca/index.htm

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