One of the greatest National Parks
Standing on the edge of the White Rim Trail in Canyon Lands National Park, Utah.

About Us

Thank you for visiting Hikerlore!  We're Travis "RamboJuice" and Melony "Stretch" LaCoss.

Unsatisfied working the 9 to 5 with two weeks off a year, we left our jobs and sold everything to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.  We took an epic road trip before hitting the trail in the Spring of 2017.

This changed our lives, and we started Hikerlore thereafter to share and support our dream of full-time hiking and travel.

Since then, we have thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail and traveled all over the USA.

Over the next 5 years, we plan to thru-hike all 11 of our National Scenic Trails and visit all 58 National Parks.  We would love it if you came along with us.

Our Vision

To inspire and prepare you for your next adventure.

Our Mission

To inspire our readers to improve their quality of life through outdoor travel by providing useful insight and experience.

Our Values

Quality: Excellence in everything

Passion: Strong, positive emotion for what we do

Integrity: Moral uprightness in our work

Respect: Admiration for others' abilities and efforts

Empathy: Ability to share others' feelings

Community: Feeling and cultivating fellowship with others

Courage: Ability to face fears in order to grow

Our Readers

Outdoor enthusiasts and any person looking to improve their quality of life through outdoor travel experiences.

We are committed to providing inspiring and useful content to our readers.  Leave us comments, suggestions, and questions.  We would love to interact with you.  Please share our content with your friends.