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Welcome to Hikerlore’s knowledge page! Here you will find articles on all things hiking, thru-hiking, backpacking, and outdoor travel.

Read our Desert Hiking Guide for tips on backpacking in areas with little precipitation. After backpacking through the California desert on the PCT and many other desert areas, we would like for you to benefit from our experience and knowledge. Learn how to:

  • Prepare for a desert hike
  • Deal with water scarcity
  • Strategize for an optimal hike
Cajon Pass on the Pacific Crest Trail
Southern California Desert on the PCT

Read our Top Games for Thru-Hikers if you’re looking for some fun ways to play while backpacking with your friends on a long-distance trail. They can challenge your intellect, make you laugh, distract you, and help you get to know your new friends.  We have put together a list of our top games for thru-hikers.

The Trail Fam on the AT


Check out our article How to Recover from your Thru-Hike for tips on making your homecoming from a long-distance trail a little easier to handle. Coming home from a thru is weird.  This guide intends to help you see how to recover from your thru-hike. 

Rambo Recovering after the AT

For a Post-Thru-Hike Simple Stretch Routine, discover easy ways to help your body after a backpacking or hiking excursion. Performing a regular static stretch routine may help you reduce stiffness and pain.  You may experience an enhanced range of motion as a result.  In addition, if your return to “real life” has got you feeling stressed, stretching may help you to relax.

Stretch Stretching

Learn a Post-Thru-Hike Foam Rolling Routine to aid in recovery after a hiking adventure. Foam rolling is a generic term for the process of self-myofascial release (SMR).  Your body has connective tissue that encapsulates your muscles.  This fascia can become “bundled” with use, which may affect the underlying muscle groups and your joints.  Self-myofascial release is the process of massaging these trigger points through applied pressure.

Stretch stretching and foam rolling for post thru-hike recovery and wellness
Stretch doing some Myofascial Release

The practical application of various myofascial release tools, such as a foam roller, to these tight, sore areas may help you to realign fascia. Therefore, performing a regular foam-rolling routine followed with static stretching may help you reduce stiffness, soreness, and tension while increasing flexibility.


Please feel free to reach us with your suggestions. If there is a subject that fits under all things hiking, thru-hiking, backpacking, and outdoor travel you would like to know more about, we would be glad to help! View our knowledge page here.

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