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Hike through the Valley of Fire
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Take the scenic drive from Hoover Dam along Lake Mead (Lakeshore & Northshore Dr.) to a land of red stone. Climbing up into a garden of smooth sandstone giants, Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park is a jaw-dropping parade of … Read More

Hikerlore Paso Por Aqui El Morro
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El Morro National Monument in New Mexico is still a place where people pass through on their way to somewhere else. This wasn’t always the case though. Atop the Morro (bluff or headland), sits the Atsinna Pueblo a great house … Read More

Hike Lava Rivers at El Malpais National Monument
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El Malpais is Spanish meaning “the bad country”. Spain’s religious zealots detoured this volcanic land; however, native cultures (Zunis and Acomas) forged pathways across it connecting pueblos in an ancient highway. Because it has little economic value, it’s perfect for … Read More