Gear Reviews

Here you will find all of the backpacking gear reviews that RamboJuice and Stretch have done.  This is all backpacking and or camping equipment that we have used.  As with all things in backpacking, this is highly personal.  All we can do is offer our experience.  What works for us may not be what works for you.  We hope that this will be helpful to you as you collect your own personal set of tools for the trail.  Finding the right combination of tools for you is simply a matter of what makes your experience in the outdoors enjoyable.  We are not out to change your mind.  We offer our insight, and hopefully, we can learn from each other through our successes and failures.  Please leave comments or ask questions on any of the posts, we would love to hear from you.

We do not get paid to endorse any of these brands as ambassadors.  Our reviews are our honest opinion of the product.  We do get paid if you purchase a product through one of our links a small fraction by Amazon.  Hence if you like one of the pieces of equipment great please use our link!


Gear Lists

This is the section where you will find our gear lists for our PCT thru-hike attempt in 2017 and our new gear list for our upcoming Appalachian Trail thru-hike attempt in 2018.  We have set up the gear list for the PCT a little bit differently than most we have seen.  It has a complete list of everything that we took on the trail, including the gear that we sent home.  Please learn from our mistakes.  We made many mistakes on our first PCT thru-hike attempt.  If we sent it home, there was a reason we sent it home, either we did not need it, it did not work well, or the conditions on the trail changed.  Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

Please keep it in mind that with these gear lists Stretch and RamboJuice always hike together.  Therefore we split the gear between us when packing it. As a result, gear was intentionally selected because we knew we would be hiking together.  These lists were not designed for a solo hiker or a family for that matter.