Welcome to the Lore section!  Everything that you need to know about backpacking is here.  You will find detailed advice and instruction centered around backpacking, hiking, travel, and camping.  Here are backpacking articles related to everything from in-depth gear reviews, gear lists, food, recipes, and knowledge.  You will benefit from all that we have gained during our adventures, including long-distance hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), extensive backpacking in the many of our National Parks, our epic road trip through the Western United States, hiking the John Muir Trail (JMT), and preparing for our next thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail (AT).  Join us on our adventure.  One thing that we have learned is that backpacking is a community that gives freely, and everyone I have met knows something I do not.  Please participate and engage us, as a result, the entire community benefits from your constructive comments.

Gear List

Gear lists are the focus of most thru-hikers research.  Our gear list will focus on what we used on the PCT.  Gear lists are an important part of learning how to backpack properly.  The more that you look at the more commonalities you will find.  Our gear list will be a comprehensive list of everything we had on the PCT at one time or another.  You will find in the description if we kept the gear or sent it home.  The gear list will not teach you how to backpack, it will give you a base and offer a starting point for your own gear list.  PCT gear list.

Gear Reviews

Gear reviews are another great way to learn how to backpack.  In this section, we will go over the gear that we used on our PCT hike, epic road trip, and upcoming Appalachian Trail thru-hike attempt.  The gear list will offer a brief description of the equipment.  The review will be a more in-depth.  This will include more detailed information such as weight, materials, and function.  We will be adding new content as much as we can to make this section as comprehensive as possible.  If there is a specific piece of gear you would like reviewed please let us know.

How to Backpack

Having all the right gear is important.  Knowing how to use that gear is even more important.  This section will focus on tips and techniques for backpacking, long distance hiking, day hiking, and camping.  If you are new backpacking this is a great place to learn.  If you are a seasoned veteran this is a great place to share your knowledge or learn a new skill.  Please feel free to contact us if there is anything you would like an article written about.